Anti Bacterial Fiber and Yarns

Relative to the microorganism in nature, human skin is a kind of very good nutrition base. In general, some resident bacteria on people’s skin protect skin from harmful effect of pathogenic bacteria, but once the microbial flora disequilibrium, they are a small amount of pathogenic bacteria will multiply and harm human body through the skin, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract and genital mucosa. Textiles can be stained by a lot of sweat, sebum and other various body fluids during the process of human body wear, and at the same time it will also be stained by the environment pollution, which becomes an important medium during pathogenic bacteria propagation and transmission process, So people need textiles which can be able to resist bacteria to meet the health requirements, and antibacterial fiber is an ideal raw material.


Antibacterial fibers is a permanent functional fiber made by spinning processing to silver ion antibacterial materials in the spinning solution, which has the advantages of a broad spectrum antibacterial, high antimicrobial effect rate, long antibacterial effect lasting, harmless to human security, wide application range compared with antibacterial finishing method. Tested by the authority, it has a significant antibacterial effect on staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and Candida albicans.

The antibacterial mechanism of antibacterial fiber is that when the silver ion in the fiber and the bacterial cell membrane and membrane protein binding, so that the structural changes produced damage and continued to react between enzyme and DNA reactions to produce functional impairment, and achieve bactericidal antibacterial effect.

  1. Broad spectrum antibacterial and high antimicrobial effect rate
  2. Long and permanent lasting effect
  3. Wide application range
  4. Safe, Non-toxic, no harm to human health


Silver ion antibacterial fiber can be used for a variety of lingerie, hosiery, bedding, furniture fabrics, decorative fabrics, health dressing, special hospital bed sheets, blankets, operation clothing, doctors overalls, patient clothes, food industry special clothing, shoe materials, gloves and various antibacterial clothing. It is proved by experiment that socks and underwear products made by silver ion have a good antibacterial deodorizing effect.