Green Tea Yarns

Natural extraction: extract natural essence from tea, effectively resist virus and protect human body.

Natural prevention: tea polyphenols can effectively prevent high cholesterol, fat, cardiovascular and other diseases.

Cleansing and skin care: tea polyphenols can remove the greasy skin, astringent pores, resist skin aging, reduce ultraviolet radiation and other effects.

​Fiber content:

  • 100% green tea yarn
  • green tea – cotton 30:70 & 50:50 blended yarn
  • green tea – viscose 30:70 & 50:50 blended yarn
  • green tea – modal 30:70 & 50:50 blended yarn
  • green tea – tencel 30:70 & 50:50 blended yarn

Yarn Features:

  1. naturally anti-bacterial: above 90% antibacterial rate
  2. health care: tea polyphenols is skin friendly contained in the yarn
  3. skin protection: based on polyphenols’ antioxygenic property
  4. soft hand feeling, high moisture absorbtion


Knitting & weaving fabrics, garments, baby clothes, underwear, T-shirts, towels, Pajamas, bedclothes

What is green tea fiber yarn:

The natural green tea contains rich tea polyphenols and lipopolysaccharide, they are healthy and helpful to body.

When producing the green tea short fibers, we extract above active ingredients from green tea leaves, make them into nanometer grade powders and then mix with rayon viscose solution. By the way of wet spinning, the green tea fiber was produced as yarn materials. During above processing, no any chemicals added, they are absolutely 100% natural and eco-friendly. The important is, green tea yarn is good for body.