Banana Fiber and Yarns

Banana Fiber is one kind of fiber from soft bast of Banana stem after dried, degummed and unbound. It consists of cellulose, semi-cellulose and wood cellulose. The fiber can be used for cotton spinning after deglued.

Property: Light weight, fine cluster, high hydroscopicity, strong antibacterial function and easy degradation and Ecological protection.

Banana yarn Specification:
Fiber count: 2300NM  
Yarn count: 7NE-12NE

Application: Family goods, handbags, decorating items, spinning yarn, rope and sacks, curtain, towel and bed-sheets. Banana fiber and cotton fiber blended yarn can be used for making Jeans, tennis attire and coats. At present, the banana fiber blended percentage is 30%, and yarn count will be 7s-12s and can develop 100% banana fiber and fine count yarn. Banana fiber also can be used for high strength paper and packaging bags