Cooling Mica Fiber and Yarns

Mica is the name of potassium, magnesium, iron, aluminum, lithium and other family layered silicate minerals. It is widely distributed on the earth and is one of the familiar minerals in daily life. It has stable chemical property and good thermal conductivity, water absorption, adsorption property. Due to the thermal conductivity of 0.03, its transfer rate is 5 times higher than the polyester.

What’s more nanometer mica surface is in charge, so the high hydration (i.e. high moisture content high), water removal needs in 500 ℃ above. High water content also drives the cooling effect, so nanometer mica will become a new generation of cooling heat sink material under the double effect “high thermal conductivity and high heat absorbing effect” function.


1. Heat Conduction and Cooling Property

Mica thermal conductivity is superior to that of polyester, polyamide fiber. Sheet mica heat conduction rate is 5 times than polyester. Mica excellent thermal conductivity is mainly due to its layer structure. Good heat conducting mica fiber textiles can be rapidly transferred body heat to the outside of fabric, and it is very suitable for spring and summer cooling product.

2. Water Absorption Antistatic Property

Mica surface is in charge, strong mica hydration after delaminating, easily to form a layer of water film, and the water removal must at 500 ℃ above, so mica has high moisture content and strong water absorption. Mica fiber has better water absorbency and its textiles have good Sweat absorbency. And the experimental results show that the Cooling mica fiber has certain antistatic function.

3. Adsorption Deodorizing Property

Delamination mica has larger specific surface area, 450 square meters / above, which is 90% of activated carbon specific surface area (activated carbon specific surface area of 500 square meters / above). Therefore, the peculiar smell absorption effect is good. Mica fiber has better adsorption odor and deodorizing function.

4. Momentary Contact Cool Feeling

Momentary contact cool feeling is the maximum of skin surface instantaneous heat loss when simulate human contact fabric, that is the fabric instantaneous maximum heat flux. Because mica has good thermal conductivity and water absorbent, cooling mica fiber fabric has better momentary contact cool feeling among similar products, and it can make people wearing has a cool feeling and comfortable in spring and summer wearing.