Magnetic Fiber and Yarns

Development of magnetic functional fiber comes from human cells which are miniature bodies that have certain
magnetism. Since bio-magnetic field exists in human body, the external magnetic field can also affect the
body’s physiological activities. It regulates the body’s functions and improves the anti-immunity capability
through the changes of electrical charge, potential molecular structure and physiological function that appear in
nerves and humor system. This is the special function of magnetic textiles.
Magnetism is the treasure of human health.
If people can timely, appropriately and correctly use magnetic materials in life, their bodies and health will be
undoubtedly strengthened and enhanced.

Promote blood circulation and improve microcirculation state. Eliminate fatigue, promote physical strength
recovery, help inflammation subsided, eliminate swells and pains.
Promote metabolism and activate cells, thus accelerate the excretion of the waste and harmful substances in
the cells and balance endocrine disorders.
Eliminate free radicals retained in the body, enhance and improve the immune function of human body, improve
human body’s resistance to diseases.
Calm the nervous system and eliminate insomnia and mental stress.

Magnet therapy yarns produced by this company can be used to make bedding, waist support, neck guard,
underwear, socks, insole, etc. By adopting reasonable proportion, they can massage every acupoint on human
body, promote local blood circulation of the body and decompose and transform morbid substances, to achieve
ventilation and stasis. They can also enhance the body immunity, eliminate free radicals, improve sleep quality,
etc. Tested by State Authority Department, the products have surface magnetic induction density that has
better compatibility with human body and they also meet the national health care textile requirements.