Cool Jade Fiber and Yarns

. Global warming, climate extremely abnormal.
. Natural inorganic mineral, skin-friendly.
. Instant feeling of cool and refreshing.
. Remain the lower temperature.
. Performances remain stable with time longer.
. Energy saved and carbon reduction

. Nylon 6 DTY 70D/48F S.D Z-twist / S-twist
. Nylon 6 DTY 140D/96F S.D Z-twist
. Nylon 6 DTY 40D/34F S.D Z-twist / S-twist
. PET DTY 75D/72F S.D Z-twist
. PET DTY 150D/144F S.D Z-twist

.The more when Cool Jade yarns contact the skin of human body, the more you feel the effect of better cool and refreshing.

. Silicon softener and fixing agent may affect the effect when temperature elevated.