Mint Fiber and Yarns

Mint fiber made from natural mint grass, it has high antibacterial effectand cool feeling. The High quality materials and strict production process, it brings high antibacterial effect and cool feeling for mint fiber. It has become a classic representative of multifunctional plant fiber.

The basic condition of mint fiber

We extract effective ingredients from natural mint leavesand never added chemicals. Mint havea very high medicinal value for Chinese medicine, the mint fiber has kept the medicinal value, sothemint fiber has a special function.

Cool feeling The natural mintgrass gave cool feeling to mint fiber. When you wear mint fabric clothes, you will feel the most comfortable

Cool feeling

The natural mintgrass gave cool feeling to mint fiber. When youwear mint fabric clothes, youwill feel the most comfortable wearing experience.

Testing Item: cool feeling(qˉmax)

Testing result:0.396 (J/cm²·sec(W/cm²)

Smooth feeling

The normal viscose fiber is zigzag section, the mint fiber is elliptical section, so the mint fiber is bright and it has mercerized feeling and smooth feeling.

High moisture absorption

Mint fiber has high moisture absorption, it is better than cotton and model,It is very comfortable.

Plant antimicrobial

Themint fibers havemany active princlple, such as menthone, emodin, chrysophanol, physcion, anthranilic acid, sitosterol and other substances, they havebroad-spectrum antibacterial efficacy.So the mint fibers havehigh resistance and inhibition for Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans.

Testing Item: Evaluation for antibacterial activity

Testing result: Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538) >99 ≥ 70 Have Works in Antibacterials

Mint fiber produced byspecial production process, The antibiosis and washable can reach the AAA international level of antimicrobial standard

Anti mite and mildew proof

Mint fibers has significant effect for anti-mite and mildew proof, It can prevent mildew, fading, smell for fabric. The mint fibers are washable and have permanent function for anti-mite, mildew proof. Plants are safe for health.

After testing by Chinese testing company, mint fibers have anti-mite and mildewproof.