Germanium Fiber and Yarns

In recent years, with the development of electronic industry, germanium has been known as excellent semiconductor material. Scientists recently found that metallic germanium is not only the “food” of electronic industry, but also plays a fantastic role in the human body care aspect and anti-cancer aspect. Germanium has various functions in human body. First, it has deoxidizing capability, enabling the body to maintain adequate oxygen so as to safeguard human health. In human body, oxygen decomposes food. During food decomposition engineering, oxygen is consumed while water and carbon dioxide are generated. If there is no sufficient oxygen, it is possible to make the body sick. But germanium can bring the hydrogen ions out of human body to reduce the demand of oxygen, which is beneficial to health. Japanese scientists add polymer of Dimethyl germanium oxide into honey, which has become the best selling health care products. It has also been widely used in the markets to make health and beautiful products such as bracelet, necklace and so on.

 Function of Germanium Alloy

  1. Far Infrared Ray: Yarns made of germanium alloy crystal can release high efficient far infrared ray, which has functions of keeping warm, health care, promoting blood circulation and metabolism, etc.

  2. Anion: Germanium alloy crystal (GAC) is piezoelectric material. When piezoelectric crystal receives external force, it will release negative ions automatically. The received external forces like friction, heat, fluctuating, light…etc. can stimulate negative ions.

  3. Deodorization Function: Firstly, grind the germanium stone into micron powder, and then sinter in high temperature. Numerous pores will appear on the germanium stone powder after ashing and sintering the other impurities in the germanium stone. After regrinding, the germanium powder becomes nano-size, which enlarge the pores’ exposed area and strengthen the adsorption capability.

  4. Anti-static Function: Semiconductor germanium alloy can rapidly conduct the electronics on the material surface. Fabrics and textiles will have anti-static function by applying germanium alloy to them.

  5. Cool and Comfortable: Germanium alloy in the alloy germanium alloy is semiconductor, which can rapidly conduct heat and make you feel cool and comfortable under hot and dry environment.

Nano-germanium belongs to inorganic germanium with performances including:

Promoting blood circulation; thermal (warm) effect, promoting metabolism, reducing free radicals and fatigue.

The characteristics of germanium

Germanium is like a semiconductor material, non-toxic, it is characteristic of releasing an electron at temperature 32 ℃. More than 32 ℃, enough energy acts upon a germanium dioxide molecule, an electron is ejected.

Application of Germanium Alloy Fiber Yarns and Fabrics

Protective clothing, cotton quilts, pillows, back cushions, winter clothes, scarves, towels, bath towels, car mats, gloves, hats, socks, knitted fabrics, plain weaving fabrics, underclothes used fabrics, insoles, etc.