Meta Aramid Fiber and Yarns

 Meta-aramid fiber ,is one kind of high technical synthetic fiber with excellent physical and mechanical properties such as super high strength, high module, flame-proof, heat-resisting, acid resistant, alkali  resistant, light weight, insulation, anti-aging and long service span. Meta-aramid fiber can be applied widely in composite materials, bulletproof products, construction materials, filtration, special protective apparel, electrical equipments and etc. Specification:

Aramid Staple Fiber: 0.8D-15D with cut length 38mm, 51mm, 76mm and 85mm

Aramid Filament Yarn 100D, 190D, 200D, 360D, 400D, 600D, 750D, 840D, 1000D, 1500D, 3000D, 6000D and 9000D, single, double or multi-ply. Aramid Spun Yarn: 20S/2, 20S/3, 23S/3, 27S/3, 30S/2, 30S/3, 32S/3 Application: Aramid fiber is important national defense and military materials, it can be used for making armour and helmet to reduce weight and raise rapid response capability and lethality. Beside military application, it also can be used for aerospace, electromechical products, construction, automobile industries and sports goods. In the field of aerospace, its light weight same extreme power fuels.  The fast technology development also opens up more and new civil applications.