Chitosan Fiber and Yarns

Chitosan Modal Fiber is a kind of natural chitin-rayon composite fiber. It is composed of chitin as the skin and Modal as the core, which can offer both the biological activity and excellent spinnability, as well as the dyeability

Antimicrobial & rot proof: Inhibit bacterium and mold reproduction, and keep the efficacy even after 30 times wash.
Cool & dry: With chitosan polymer on the skin, the fiber has the character of highly water-absorbent surface, as well as the property of rayon.
Anti-static: Chitosan has a polymer chain with positive charge, which endows with excellent charge density and water absorbency. It reduceds the fiber surface voltage from 1500V to 800V,
and prevent static electricity accumulation.
Soft & comfortable: The bio-compatibility of chitosan makes the fiber soft and comfortable.
Eliminate odors: Chitosan has NH4+, which can combine with some odorants such as sulfides and phosphides, thus to eliminate the odor.


  • Garments, such as baby suits, underwear, etc.
  • Hometextile, such as sheet, duvet cover, blanket, curtain, towel, bathrobe, etc.
  • Sports wear, such as sport shoes, socks, knee (wrist, waist) guard, etc.