Ay Tsao Herbal Fiber and Yarns

With the development of industry and the aggravation of environmental pollution, the species of microorganism and bacteria are also increasing and spreading. Underwear, home textiles, footwear, bedding towels are microbial breeding places and affect people’s health.

Through the development of various antimicrobial textile materials to deal with all sorts of bacteria, it usually add Inorganic antibacterial agent and organic antibacterial deodorant in fiber. But most antibacterial agents belong to the category of chemicals. It has irritation and side effect on the skin. Therefore, the development of natural plant antibacterial material is extremely urgent.

Ay Tsao fiber is made from natural herbaceous plant through extracting effective components from stems and leaves.

Retain the effective ingredients of Chinese Medicine, and have

natural antibacterial and bacteriostatic effect.

Ay Tsao fibers can dispel cold, peripheral nerve collaterals, promote

circulation and relieve fatigue effect.

The fabric made of the ay tsao fiber is soft and breathable.

Can be widely used in underwear, Children’s wear, socks, home textiles, non-woven fabrics and other fields.