Kapok Fiber and Yarns

Kapok fiber is one kind of mallow fruit fiber and unicellular fiber. It attaches the inner shell wall, feed by and grow on intine cellular. Fiber length is about 8-32mm and diameter about 20-45μm.

Kapok fiber is the most fine, light, hollow and warmest among natural fiber. It liner density is just half of cotton fiber, but its hollow ratio is about 86% that is 2-3 times of cotton fiber. It has properties such as smooth, antibacterial, antimoth, mould proof, light and gentle, no snarling, water proof, athermic, ecological, warm and strong hydroscopicity.
Kapok Yarn (blended with cotton)

Open end: 6S, 10S, 16S, 21S
Ring Spun: 21S, 32S
Application: Due to its super light and warm, it is used widely for underwear, sweater, T-shirt, Cowboy wear, wool clothes, ski shirt, sock, quilt, bed mattress, bed sheet, bedspread, carper, blanket, pillowcase, cushion, facial tissue, bath towel bath robes and other high class home textiles and garments. It also can be used for roof insulation sound absorption layer.