Soybean Fiber and Yarns

Soybean fiber is a new type of plant protein fiber, is to extract oil from soybean meal as raw material, the use of biological engineering technology, extraction of soybean protein, through the addition of functional additives, with the polymer, hydroxyl and other polymer grafting, copolymerization, blending, made of a certain concentration of protein spinning solution, to change the protein structure, by wet spinning, which has a cashmere like soft touch, cotton warm and good skin friendly and other excellent performance, as well as the “new century’s health and comfort fiber”. 

① The appearance of luxury. Clothing fabrics in the appearance of the feeling of the people in the luster, hanging and weave patterns of 3 aspects of the degree of fine. Soybean protein fiber fabric with a silk like luster, very appropriate people; the drape is excellent, to people with elegant refined feeling; with high count yarn woven into the fabric, surface texture and fine clean, clear is high-grade shirting fabric.

② Good comfort. Soybean protein fiber fabric not only has excellent visual effect, but also has a more remarkable characteristic in wearing comfort. Soybean protein fibre as raw material of knitted fabrics feel soft, smooth, light texture, with silk and cashmere blended feeling; the hygroscopicity and cotton fairly, and guide wet permeability is far superior to that of cotton, ensure the comfort and health.

③ Good dyeing. Soybean protein fiber color is light yellow, like silk color. It can be stained with acid dyes and reactive dyes. Especially, is dyed with reactive dyes, product color bright and shiny, and the sun, f color fastness to is also very good, and silk products compared to solve the staining brightness and staining (silk products sunlight, perspiration fastness poor contradiction between fastness, easy fade).

④ Good physical and mechanical properties. Single fiber breaking strength of the fiber above dtex / 3.coN, higher than the strength of wool, cotton, silk, second only to high strength polyester fiber, and size have been can reach 0.gdtex, development of high-grade high-density fabric. Because of the high initial modulus of soy protein fiber, and the boiling water shrinkage rate is low, so the fabric size stability is good. Don’t worry about the fabric shrinkage in conventional washing, wrinkle resistance is also very good, and easy to wash, quick drying.

⑤ Health function. Human skin is good, and contains a variety of essential amino acids, with good health effects.

Specifications:1.1dtex-1.27Dtex, 1.38Dtex-1.4Dtex, 1.7dtex with cut ength 38mm, 51mm, 76mm