Pupa Fiber and Yarns

Fiber content:

  • 100% pupa protein yarns
  • pupa / cotton 30:70 & 50:50 yarn
  • pupa / viscose 30:70 & 50:50 yarn
  • pupa / wool 30:70 & 50:50 yarn
  • pupa / tencel 30:70 & 50:50 yarn
  • pupa / polyester 30:70 & 50:50 yarn

Product Features:

Skin friendly . Soft touch . Healthy . Comfortable

  1. 18 amino acids inside to care skin
  2. soft touch like cashmere
  3. elegant appearance like silk
  4. excellent moisture absorption like cotton
  5. good air permeability


Knitting & weaving fabrics, baby clothes, underwear, garments, T-shirts, towels, Pajamas, bedclothes

What is the pupa protein fiber yarn?

The silkworm pupa contains rich proteins. When producing the pupa protein fiber, we extract proteins from silkworm pupa firstly and then make them into spinning solution. After mixing them with cellulose fiber solution under certain temperature and pressure, the mixed fiber of protein + cellulose will be made. Because of patent technology used in the processing, the proteins are in the surface of fiber, and the cellulose is there as the fiber core. This fiber structure make the finished fiber similar to natural silk in performance, but more better in dyeability and drapability. The important is, the proteins in the fiber can touch skin directly to care it when wearing. This is a animal protein + cellulose new mixed fiber.