Cooper Fiber and Yarns

It is a copper covered textile fiber that enhances products with permanent and nature anti
bacterial, anti odor, anti static and thermodynamic properties.

1. EMI High percentage copper fiber could offer well Electro Magnetic Infe rence/ EMI / EMS performance. It could interfere 96.7%~99.99% electro magnetic.
2. Anti Static Copper is the most electrically conductive element. Electrical charges normally created by two non conductive materials rubbing together are instantly dissipat ed by copper fiber. Products stay static free and people stay comfortable.
3. Regulates Temperature Copper fiber has the best possible thermodynamic properties, so you will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
4. Anti bacterial and anti odor Copper is recognized in the medical community as most effective anti microbial agent available. Copper fiber combined with copper to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria and fungi in the products. Copper fiber is also the only product that binds wi th and neutralizes odor causing ammonia and denatured proteins.
5. Permanent Copper is permanently and irreversibly bonded to a fiber to create copper fiber. It Will not wash off or wear off and lasts for the life of the product.

1. Medical textile
2. Cleanroom textile
3. Industrial non woven fabric
4. Safety Protective Uniform
5. Carpet
6. Sport Wear
7. Apparel Underwear, Sock, Glove, Shirt….

1. Staple fiber 1. 5 D x 38mm , 2 D x 51mm , 3 D x 64mm
2. Filament Yarn 50 D/ 30 f, 75 D/ 40 f, 100D/40f, 150 D/ 60 f
3. It can be developed and created according to customers’ individual needs for other blending ratios and twisted yarns.