Rose Fiber and Yarns

Fiber content:

  • 100% rose yarn
  • rose – cotton 30:70 & 50:50 blended yarn
  • rose – viscose 30:70 & 50:50 blended yarn
  • rose – modal 30:70 & 50:50 blended yarn
  • rose – tencel 30:70 & 50:50 blended yarn

Yarn Features:

natural, healthy, skin-care

  1. skin care: nutritional to people’s skin
  2. softness: soft hand feeling
  3. natural & healthy: 100% natural materials, no any chemicals added
  4. moisture absorption and air permeability
  5. easy to dye: more better dyeability


Knitting & weaving fabrics, garments, baby clothes, underwear, T-shirts, towels, Pajamas, bedclothes

What is the rose fiber yarn?

The rose fiber is renewable and eco-friendly fiber, come from natural rose flowers.

When producing the rose fibers, we extract total polyphenol, total flavonoids and other active ingredients from natural rose flowers, make them into nanometer grade powders and then mix them with viscose solution. By wet spinning way, the rose fiber will be made directly. During above process, no any chemicals added, they are absolutely natural and eco-friendly. The important is, the rose flowers’ skin care effect was retained in the rose fibers.