Embassy Consultancy

Another of our consultancy line is Embassy Consultancy.

We provide a fast, reliable and one-stop supply of all kinds of demands and needs of embassies, embassy members and their families, with our extensive network of solution partners.

Please find below our concultancy services;

  • Door to door domestic and international transportation
  • Event management and organisation. Designing, planning and installation or rentals of thecnical systems including sound, lighting and displays, etc.
  • Real Estate services for rental and sale buildings, flats, offices, etc.
  • Shipping courier delivery
  • Heating, cooling and natural gas systems
  • Metal and wood furniture sale or productions
  • Printing press services
  • Corporate and house cleaning
  • Catering and services
  • Boutique cake, dessert and chocolate
  • InformationTechnologies and digital marketing
  • Dentist, ortodentist services
  • Electrical, electronic, lighting, security services
  • Beauty and aesthetics for men and women
  • Florist
  • All kinds of repairs and decorations for home and offices, etc.​

Please call us for detail information.